8 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Realtor

1.     Do you Specialize in the Area? 

Many agents list all over Houston, but really don’t know Longwood that well.  They may not know how many Parks and Pools, if there is a Private Lake and Miles of Walking trail, or that sections with David Weekly and Village Built Homes sell differently than sections with Plantation, Emerald, Trendmaker & Kimball Hill.  Without detailed knowledge of Longwood, they will not be able to Sell Potential Buyers the Special Qualities of Longwood. These all add Value to your Home

2.     Do You work with me when Negotiating my sale or is it done by one of your assistants?

Many times, the last time you talk with the listing agent is at your kitchen table. After you list, you will be turned over to one of his Staff. Most of the time, this staff person has never seen your home, seen your street, your lot or how your home presents itself to potential buyers. They probably have just seen the same photos everyone sees online. So; How can they effectively negotiate the sell of your home to maximize your investment? This is one of the reasons you see the 'Super Agents' average Price per Sq. Ft. on their sales to be quite a bit lower than other agents sales.

3.     Who prepared this Listing Presentation? 

Many agents have their assistants prepare their Listing presentation with all the Comparables and Previous Sales Information. So you wonder just how much time the agent has studied your home's comparables and analyzed it’s best Value.  All homes are different, even the same floor plans sell differently depending on street, section, lot location and updates your home features.  Price cannot be set by Averages; it takes time, knowledge of Longwood and it’s selling trends to set your price. This takes Personal time by the agent to analyze the comparables..

4.     What type of Flyers do you provide?

Many times your homes best adverting is done by the Flyers on the Yard sign. Neighbors give them to Friends and Family and Co-Workers, Buyers drive by and pick them up while investigating subdivisions, or while looking at other homes in the subdivision. Color Flyers give the best chance of capturing their attention and setting positive outlook before they enter your front door. Also an Empty Flyer Box doesn't do anyone any good. Be sure to ask how often they come by and refill them.

5.     How long will it take for pictures of my home to go online after my home is listed.

The most attention your home receives is the first day after it lists. Many buyers check for updated listings daily. If your home does not have photos up, they bypass it and you lose one of the best chances to show your home.

6.     How Many Buyers have you brought into and Sold in Longwood?

Many agents will say they have dedicated Buyers agents, but they will not tell you how many times they have brought Buyers to Longwood. The number of buyers they bring also shows how much they are really dedicated to actually selling in Longwood.

7.     Can I terminate the listing if I am not happy with the results?

If an agent does not produce results, then you should be free to go to another agent with no hassles. But beware, some agents will tell you they will WITHDRAW the listing at your request.  If they say Withdraw, then they will take your home off the market but another agent cannot list it till the listing expires or is Terminated. Take care not to be misled; an Honest agent will explain the differences between a Withdrawn Listing and a Terminated Listing.

8.     If you sell my home and I buy another home with you as my selling agent, will I get a discount?

Many times people will Move to larger or smaller homes in the area, so when you list your home, you should ask for a discount if the realtor will also help you buy your next home. Your realtor should be able to discount your selling side for they will also gain you as a buyer. As the old saying goes, ‘Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered”

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